Culture and Belonging



Scottsbluff Public Schools is committed to cultivating and enriching the educational experience of all students in our schools. In accordance with our district’s strategic priorities, continuing to culminate an inclusive and welcoming environment and providing the space and resources to educate our future leaders about the diversity in our world and community, we aim to maximize our opportunities in student engagement and achievement. Our students succeed when they feel that they belong within our walls, and that their well-being is being invested in.   

In 2020, students of Scottsbluff High School passionately addressed the Board of Education to ardently recommit to the needs of “Every Child, Every Day” and the declaration of commitment to equitable treatment and opportunity for all students was born. In line with that declaration, SBPS-based Diversity Team was composed where those who are needed most at the table, sit. The Diversity Team sets to have difficult conversations and work towards resolving and finding solutions to issues and disparities that arise in which our most marginalized students experience. 

SBPS actively prepares a number of resources for educators and staff to embrace and celebrate cultural and worldly diversity and educate our students as they prepare to grow and move forward into the next chapters of their lives. We look forward to celebrating the rich cultural pluralism of which is a foundation of the community and surrounding areas of Scottsbluff as well. When we educate ourselves and our students about diversity, we are able to create a sense of community and belonging that so many need to thrive.


Bearcats4Diversity is a student organization at Scottsbluff High School that has that mission in mind. B4D students aim to create a welcoming and inclusive environment by celebrating diversity and raising awareness about cultures and customs around the world. B4D also focuses on topics of well-being for students, as the importance of wellbeing and experiencing a sense of belonging intersect in the world that we are preparing our students to flourish in.